the worst experience I had

12. may 2017 at 22:12 | Misty |  random words put together

Heyyy blog, long time no see!

I had an assignment for the last week's class in which we were supposed to talk about our worst experience. Yea. They make us embarrass ourselves quite often at the university I'm not even surprised about anything anymore, tbh. One must get use to it or otherwise leave.
Nevertheless... Given the fact that I didn't post there anything since February I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to write it down and practise a little bit my usage of past tenses. (Sorry for the mistakes, tho.)

The worst experiences in my life are, of course, linked with the saddest situations, which are not usually shareable with others. Or with the most awkward moments about which I don't like to talk either, because talking about them is like living them again. I try to let out of these awkward moments and generally forget all the bad memories. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not.

I can think of two particular moments which I could probably share in the class and don't feel so ashamed. It did not happen too long ago so that's probably why I still remember it.